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We have been in the market since 1984.

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carpentry workshop

From the very beginning, the priority of our carpentry workshop has been service-oriented.

We specialize in sawmilling through controlled drying to the desired humidity, followed by machine processing and surface refinement.

We specialize in crafting individual products for individual clients, as well as offering comprehensive wood finishing for homes and other properties.

Our main focus of development lies in the manufacturing of stairs and doors, utilizing CNC technology.

We solidify the practice with theory, conducting research and observing progress, continually investing in innovation, ensuring the constant development of the group

In 2015, Quercopinus expanded its offerings to include scanning of concrete stairs, significantly impacting both the time and quality (installation of such designed stairs takes 1 day).

We have expanded our offerings to include services for businesses:

  • scanning of concrete stairs (see 3D scanning)
  • designing stairs with 3D
  • CNC cutting services.
Why us?


  • scanning of concrete shell,
  • creating a 3D staircase design,
  • CNC cutting,
  • individual proprietary assembly technique.
Why us?

Wood moisture

Attention to the most important parameter of wood – its moisture content, and above all, minimizing the stresses that accompany the drying process.

  • After milling, the timber is stored under a roof, outdoors, for at least 1 year, allowing it to air-dry,
  • We conduct a very gentle and extended drying process in a chamber dryer for approximately 6 weeks or longer,
  • After drying, we acclimate the timber, and at this stage,
    machine processing is possible.

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Our offer

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MSc Leszek Popowski

‘During the implementation of the task the contractor has demonstrated experience and good work organisation. The work is done conscientously and carefully. The collaboration was very good. All indicated problems are solved immediately.’

MSc Leszek Popowski

Nadleśnictwo Rytel
MSc Piotr Kasprzyk

Forest Division Trzebciny certifies that the company Warsztat Stolarski Wiesław Skrobiszewski 87-400 Gplub – Dobrzyń, Białkowo 49 was the contractor of the project titled „Expansion and reconstruction of the utility building by the forester’s lodge ‘Zazdrość’”. Construction work related to the implementation of this task was carried out in the period from 5 June 2012 to 30 November 2012. During the execution of work, the company Warsztat Stolarski Wiesław Skrobiszewski demonstrated experience and good organization of work. Work within the deadline. Our cooperation went really well. The company Warsztat Stolarski Wiesław Skrobiszewski can be recommended as reliable and solid.

MSc Piotr Kasprzyk

Nadleśnictwo Trzebciny
Wojciech Świątkowski

During the execution of works, the company has demonstrated a professional and proper preparation in the terms of human resources and hardware ensuring completion of the investment of this nature and scope. The works were executed in a comprehensive and professional way.

Wojciech Świątkowski

Właściciel MURABET

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