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Choose the stairs suitable for you


  • Various types of wood; from domestic (beech, oak, ash) to exotic (Merbau, Mahogany, American Walnut, and others).
  • Self – supporting stright stairs, landing stairs L, U , C , S – shaped, with bevels, chimney working, semicircular, bent elements.
  • Mortised stairs, saddle stairs (also on a single pin), suspended stairs, single-branch stairs, bent stairs.
  • Stairs installed on concrete.
  • Balustrades: wooden balusters, metal balusters, stainless steel rods and pipes, horizontal or vertical planks, safety glass and others.
Class groups of wood quality:
  • rustik (class I,II,III and unclassified),
  • natura ( I,II,III ),
  • selekt ( I,II ),
  • exlusive ( I ),
  • veneered (wood covered with a thin layer of wood).
  • layer-glued (top layer of different widht class I and II).

Veneered and layer-glued material allows an internal adhesive layer on the length of deciduous trees. In all classes except exclusive, there may be touch-ups for knots, cracks, defects, etc., similar to the color of the wood, black or filled with resin. In Q1 stairs – standard touch-ups similar to the color of the wood in Q2-Loft stairs – standard touch-ups – Black

Wooden stairs manufacturing process in three steps :
  • I Measurement – after which a 3D, computer visualization is created. The look and pattern of wooden stairs, posts, balusters and handrails is up to you (even the stringers curvature can be inncreased). It is all included in the price.
  • II Manufacturing – dried wood (beech, oak, ash or exotic) is glued then processed with great precision on the CNC machine to create individual elements of stairs. Then, after smoothing, the material is varnished or stained depending on the requirements.
  • III Assembly at your place – fitting and assembly of wooden stairs, finishing the drilling hole and assembly of the balustrade with handrails and minor corrections
Additionals options:
  • bending the handrails and stringers at the enterance (so called ‘sheep’s horns’),
  • all steps semicircular (radius steady or declining)
  • first step semicircular,
  • handrail – pole transition,
  • round wooden balusters or wood + stainless steel,
  • glass filled balustrade,
  • cutting out holes for lighting,
  • many more.


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